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In a newly released interview, our CEO Chris Moschovitis shares his inspiring career journey from Athens to the founding of Technology Management Group (TMG).

Starting as a physics enthusiast, his pivotal shift to computer science set the stage for his remarkable career. Moschovitis served as Director of Academic Computing at Pratt Institute in 1985 and later VP of IT at The O’Connor Group. In 1989, he founded TMG, specializing in Strategic Consulting, IT, and Cybersecurity. Certified in Cybersecurity and a member of esteemed organizations, Moschovitis emphasizes the importance of skills like empathy, communication, problem-solving, and technical expertise for aspiring tech executives. He underlines the significance of mentorship, citing key mentors who shaped his journey.

Reflecting on his hiring criteria, Moschovitis values executives that combine experience in complex technical environments with strong people skills. As he told CIO Tech World, “I would argue that four critical skills aspiring tech executives must have: Empathy, Communication, Problem Solving, and Technical Expertise.”  He stresses the vital role of professional networking, advising strategic involvement aligned with career goals.

When it comes to certifications, he recommends ISACA and vendor certifications with wide recognition. Moschovitis shares success stories of CTOs transitioning to COO and CEO roles, emphasizing the importance of problem-solving and communication skills.

For tech executives, he highlights the value of cultivating a personal brand through contributions to the industry. Sharing knowledge through articles, presentations, and talks is crucial to gaining visibility and making a lasting impact. “Your experience and expertise should not be hidden gems,” he argues. “Don’t be the secret that no one knows.”  

Moschovitis advises aspiring tech executives to stay focused, embrace constant flux in the profession, actively listen, be kind, creative, and generous. The interview unveils a journey marked by resilience, mentorship, and a passion for leveraging technology to make a meaningful impact.

Read the full interview for a deeper insight into Moschovitis’s remarkable career and valuable advice for aspiring tech leaders.


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