Cybersecurity Books

As cyber risks intensify and regulations multiply, cybersecurity management continues to grow in complexity and importance for every type of organization, be it small businesses, non-profits educational institutions, and large corporations. Cybersecurity and privacy-risk management were once “nice-to-have’s” but are now “absolutely must have’s” for anyone wanting to ensure data protection and success.

There are countless key concepts and definitions; regulations galore; processes, processes, and more processes; and various solutions and frameworks. . . . We know what you’re thinking: Where do I even start to wrap my brain around cybersecurity management in general much less how it affects my business/organization and what I should to do about it?

The answer is simpler than you think!

Pick up a copy of cybersecurity expert Chris Moschovitis’ two essential cybersecurity-for-business guides. Unlike most other books on tech, the text is friendly, accessible, and even occasionally amusing (at least, we think so!). It is NOT bogged down with industry jargon that can be difficult to understand and apply.

Cybersecurity Program Development for Business:
The Essential Planning Guide

This essential guide breaks down every element of the development and management of a cybersecurity program for the busy executive or manager. From understanding the need for cybersecurity management, to core risk management principles, to threats, tools, roles and responsibilities, this book walks the reader through each step of developing and implementing a successful cybersecurity program.

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Privacy, Regulations, and Cybersecurity:
The Essential Business Guide

Your roadmap to understanding what “privacy” really means in a corporate environment: how privacy is different from cybersecurity, why privacy is essential for your business, and how to successfully build privacy protections into your overall cybersecurity plan.

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Stay tuned for the third book in Chris’s trilogy!

His riveting text considers how the AI revolution is poised to “flip the script” on both cybersecurity and privacy.