Cybersecurity Program Development for Business:
The Essential Planning Guide

For many people, the term cybersecurity inspires feelings of, if not exactly terror, then certainly total exasperation. The average businessperson has only a minimal understanding of cybersecurity, how to manage it, and what’s really at risk.

From understanding the need for cybersecurity, to core risk-management principles, to threats, tools, roles and responsibilities, this book walks the reader through each step of developing and implementing a cybersecurity program. When read cover-to-cover, it’s a thorough overview of everything an executive needs to know about cybersecurity (but was afraid to ask!). It can also function as a useful reference when individual questions and difficulties arise.

Key benefits:

  • Unlike other cybersecurity books, the text is not bogged down with industry jargon
  • Speaks specifically to the executive who is not familiar with the development or implementation of cybersecurity programs
  • Shows you how to make pragmatic, rational, and informed decisions for your organization
  • Written by a top-flight technologist with decades of experience and a track record of success

If you’re a business manager or executive who needs to make sense of cybersecurity, this book demystifies it for you.

Praise for Cybersecurity Program Development for Business

Chris Moschovitis TMG CEO

“In my days as a Commanding Officer of U. S. Coast Guard ships at sea, I developed a deeply held respect for the notion of preparing well so as to perform well. Chris Moschovitis challenges a new generation to embrace that philosophy. He encourages us to recognize how overwhelming the flood of guidance and advice can be to leaders in either business or government … especially when the topic seems more difficult to understand every day. Chris reaches backward into his own experience and lessons learned to design a practical approach to protecting the things for which those leaders are responsible. This book is not Cybersecurity for Dummies. Rather, it offers the insights and pathways important to those willing to do the hard work up front that will enable them to succeed when it counts.

Indeed, Preparation Equals Performance.”

—James M. Loy
Senior Counselor, The Cohen Group
Deputy Secretary, U. S. Department of Homeland Security 2003-2005
Administrator, Transportation Security Administration 2002-2003
Admiral, United States Coast Guard (Retired)

Chris Moschovitis TMG CEO

Cybersecurity Program Development for Business offers executives a rare look into the cybersecurity world in a pragmatic and jargon-free manner. Chris Moschovitis shows us how cyber enables rather than constrains business. It’s refreshing to find a book on this subject that could easily become the must-have for an executive’s desk!”

Chief Security Officer (CSO), SilverChain
Director of Technology & Security Assurance, BRM Advisory
Director, International Board of Directors, ISACA 2012-2014, 2015-2017
Chris Moschovitis TMG CEO
“An amazing, holistic, practical, accessible and enlightening view on cybersecurity acting as a business enabler. For those who believe that stakeholder trust is a must for their business in today’s data-driven world. For security and technology professionals who need to talk business. And, for executives that need to talk cyber. An essential guide for both.”

—Dr. Christos K. Dimitriadis
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Intralot
Board Chair, International Board of Directors, ISACA 2015-2017

Chris Moschovitis TMG CEO

Cybersecurity Program Development for Business by Chris Moschovitis is a great addition to any executive’s library of practical, how-to books on a cutting-edge (even bleeding-edge) topic – how to secure your organization’s cyber resilience.

The book acts not only as a primer but as a deeply knowledgeable and even entertaining resource full of useful examples and guidance. In this age of simultaneous hyper-transparency and hyper-opacity, it is critical that all executives and boards become at least conversant in what is going on in cyber — this book gives them that helpful roadmap.”

—Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc
CEO and Founder, GEC Risk Advisory
Board Director, Global Strategist
Co-Author, The Artificial Intelligence Imperative: A Practical Roadmap for Business
Chris Moschovitis TMG CEO
“This is the book executives have been waiting for. It is clear: With deep expertise but in nontechnical language, it describes what cybersecurity risks are and the decisions executives need to make to address them. It is crisp: Quick and to the point, it doesn’t waste words and won’t waste your time. It is candid: There is no sure cybersecurity defense, and Chris Moschovitis doesn’t pretend there is; instead, he tells you how to understand your company’s risk and make smart business decisions about what you can mitigate and what you cannot.

It is also, in all likelihood, the only book ever written (or ever to be written) about cybersecurity defense that is fun to read.”

—Thomas A. Stewart
Executive Director, National Center for the Middle Market
Co-Author of Woo, Wow, and Win: Service Design, Strategy, and the Art of Customer Delight

Chris Moschovitis TMG CEO

About the Author: Chris Moschovitis

CHRIS MOSCHOVITIS is the founder of Technology Management Group (TMG), a consultancy focused on providing independent technology and cybersecurity management expertise, development, and outsourcing services. It is one of the premier independent consulting firms in the country. He is sought after by private industry, government, and nonprofits for his ability to explain complex IT and cybersecurity topics to executives.