What is cyberCTRL?
An industry-first, cyberCTRL is a Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution from TMG. In a single subscription, cyberCTRL provides businesses of all shapes and sizes all of the necessary expert services needed to proactively and continually protect their people and assets against ever-evolving threats. What’s more, cyberCTRL is fully customizable: pay for what you need, skip what you don’t!

cyberCTRL offers an ultra-secure, cloud-based set of state-of-the-art tools that integrate Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) with Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR). Our clients also have the option to leverage TMG’s own core set of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) modules, tools, and services. And cyberCTRL’s open-integration platform enables us to work with any additional services you’re already using or want to use! Because cyberCTRL is not just another tool or subscription: it’s an end-to-end solution from TMG, your trusted cybersecurity partner.

Who needs cyberCTRL?

cyberCTRL is for small, medium, and large companies across all industries who need a complete, cost-effective, intuitive, and ever-evolving cybersecurity solution with a strategic approach to meet all of their cybersecurity and privacy needs.

Why do I need cyberCTRL?

A great question! Maybe you don’t! Consider this:

  1.  Are you subject to any audits?
  2.  Are you having a hard time finding experienced cyber analysts and engineers?
  3.  Have you ever been breached?
  4.  Have you ever had any cybersecurity incident (phishing, ransomware, identity theft, etc.)?
  5.  Is your Information Technology mission critical to your business?
  6.  Will you suffer significant loss and disruption if your data is stolen and/or sold?
  7.  Are you worried that your tech is too complex?
  8.  Are you worried that you’re drowning in “cybersecurity tools” that no one knows how to effectively use or understand?
  9.  Are you worried about your cybersecurity and privacy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions call us at (800) 982-3332 x747. We have a lot to talk about!

Do I need to hire staff to support cyberCTRL?

No! As a matter of fact the whole point behind cyberCTRL is that it eliminates the need for additional cybersecurity staff through the use of TMG’s 24/7 services, automation, and AI.

Who is the Technology Management Group (TMG) and what do we do?
For more than 30 years, TMG has remained at the cutting edge of the best, most pragmatic, and most affordable cybersecurity and information technology solutions and strategies for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Founded by Chris Moschovitis in New York City, our pioneering tech firm has always been in the business of peace of mind—for you, your customers, your investors, and your auditors. Through unparalleled expertise and dedicated leadership, our expert cybersecurity and IT managed services protect your business and your data, so that you can focus on results. And we partner with you every step of the way so that you never feel alone. That’s the power of a small-firm feel that packs a big-firm punch.
Is cyberCTRL part of TMG's Managed IT or Managed Cybersecurity services?

cyberCTRL is not only a part of managed cybersecurity serviceit defines them. It’s the industry-first solution that as part of managed services includes everything you need to get the work done, including tools, expertise, and resources.

How long will it take to roll out the implementation of cyberCTRL?

That depends on the size of the company, geography, and industry-specific regulatory requirements. On average, for a mid-sized firm, cyberCTRL takes a few months from “go ahead” to production. There are cases when the scope of work could be accommodated in as little as a few weeks, just are there are cases when the work will take several months.

Can cyberCTRL be integrated into my current CRM?

cyberCTRL was designed with open, quick, and easy integration to all systems. This is key! cyberCTRL, as part of one subscription and with no additional fees, will be integrated into any tools and systems that are running your site. cyberCTRL is able to seamlessly exchange information with most systems and ingests telemetry from thousands of points based on your specific configuration and environment.

Do you offer training as part of your cyberCTRL subscription?
Yes! We will train all your people in the use and administration of cyberCTRL.
Is my cyberCTRL data encrypted and where is it located?

Your data is encrypted with military-grade encryption and stored in secure containers at Amazon’s AWS infrastructure.

Can cyberCTRL be used for any company size? Do you have a minimum size?

cyberCTRL can be used by any company, any industry, any size. There is no minimum. We’ve had clients with a headcount of less than five professionals that require cyberCTRL’s audit assurance. We’ve also had clients that have over 47,000 users and require all the modules to be perfectly orchestrated in protecting the organization. cyberCTRL scales to each environment naturally and easily.

Can I cancel my cyberCTRL subscription at any time? What happens to my data if I cancel?

Yes! You can cancel your cyberCTRL subscription at any time with one month’s notice. Your data will be returned to you via a medium of your choice and verifiably deleted from all of our systems.

Do you charge extra if I use cyberCTRL for my company's subsidiaries?

That depends on how cyberCTRL is used. If the subsidiaries are stand-alone and separate from a central corporate network, then they will need their own license. If, on the other hand, they are all part of the same architecture, then no additional licenses are required.

Will cyberCTRL make our cybersecurity audit process smoother?

Absolutely! With detailed audit trails built in and specialized auditor logins, the audit process gets dramatically shortened with cyberCTRL, saving you time, money, and headaches.