Our Managed Cybersecurity Solution

cyberCTRL is not just a tool, a single product or a set of services. It is all that and more:

 cyberCTRL integrates best-of-breed tools with TMG’s 35+ year experience and our 24×7 dedicated experts.
 cyberCTRL is the industry-first solution that covers you completely—from Identify, Protect, Detect, and Respond, to Recover and Govern.
 cyberCTRL is modular so you get and pay only for what you need. No more, no less. It’s priced right, pragmatically, and can adapt to your changing needs without breaking the bank.
 cyberCTRL is your gold standard of proof to show prospects, clients, auditors, and vendors that you operate securely and with confidence, always protecting your clients, your people and your assets. It is your company’s unique business enabler and competitive advantage.
cyberCTRL is more than your experienced cybersecurity partner and advocate:

We are commited and dedicated to your success. 

Cybercontrol is industry first