Interview with Neo Magazine

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Recently, our CEO, Chris Moschovitis sat down with Althena Efter of Neo Magazine to talk about “Guarding the Digital Frontier.”

In their interview, he explained that the biggest threat to businesses today is probably not what you think it is.

Your biggest threat is not the hackers.  Your biggest threat is when you and your people, acting out of ignorance, miss the warning signs of an attack, assume that “no one is going to go after us…” and don’t train yourself and your people in fundamental cybersecurity awareness.

That is the biggest challenge, and it will remain the biggest challenge until everyone realizes that cybersecurity is everyone’s business and everyone’s responsibility: From the CEO to the mailroom, from the engineer to the clerk – everyone must play their part in securing the organization and their data.

The wide-ranging discussion also touches on cryptocurrency, international cybercrime, the intersection of cybersecurity and privacy, and one of Chris’s favorite topics: how lucky he is to be Greek.

This thought-provoking interview is well worth your time and can be found here.


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