What are XDR, MDR, and EDR?

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XDR, MDR, and EDR are related but different types of third-party cybersecurity solutions.

The acronyms XDR, MDR, and EDR stand for Extended Detection and Response, Managed Detection and Response, and Endpoint Detection and Response.

XDR is the most comprehensive of these solutions; of the three, XDR provides providing the most holistic threat detection and response. XDR systems typically collects data from a variety of sources including, networks, servers, and endpoints (computers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.). All this information is collectively referred to as telemetry data. The telemetry is processed in real-time at a security operations center (SOC), correlated to threat intelligence, and acted upon through a combination of automated systems and cybersecurity engineers, who work in remediating any security incident.

MDR takes the XDR concept but outsources the human services component. Telemetry is ingested just as with XDR, but the SOC and its personnel are outsourced to a third party, who then works with your team towards remediation.

EDR is the simplest version of these detection and response methodologies focusing exclusively on endpoints and – depending on the service – may include management components of XDR and MDR.

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