Cloud Migration Services – Migrate with No Downtime 

TMG’s 35+ year experience combined with our certified experts and our proprietary “Get IT Done®” methodology guarantees a smooth migration to the cloud with no downtime and no surprises.  Whether you are migrating to one of the public clouds (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) or a proprietary hybrid solution, our experts guarantee a successful migration.  

✔ GetITDone is the industry-first solution that covers your IT needs completely.  It’s designed to accommodate from the simplest to the most challenging requests and environments quickly and effectively. 

✔ GetITDone offers you the full spectrum of IT Managed Services. From vCIO and vCTO, to  IT project execution with dedicated systems architects and engineers, to comprehensive Managed IT services. 

✔ GetITDone is is modular by design.  You get only what you need, no more, no less.  We complement what is already in place and augment your IT skills and capacity immediately and affordably. And, our commitment to your success guarantee comes with GetITDone no matter what. 

✔ And, when GetITDone is coupled with our industry-first cybersecurity solution cyberCTRL, you get the best IT services protected by the best cybersecurity solution. 

✔ What GetITDone is to IT, cyberCTRL is to Cybersecurity. cyberCTRL is an ultra-secure, cloud-based set of state-of-the-art tools that integrate Governance, Risk, and Compliance with TMG’s own core set of Extended Detection and Response (XDR/EDR/MDR & SIEM) modules, Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools, and professional services ranging from vCISO and vSOC to cybersecurity engineers, and incident responders. All combined, cyberCTRL creates a custom cybersecurity fortress that protects your business like no other. 

Not just another tool or subscription, cyberCTRL it is the one and only end-to-end solution from TMG, your trusted technology partner with 35+ years of experience and 24×7 dedicated experts.

You can contact Chris Moschovitis, president of TMG and creator of cyberCTRL, directly at


425 E 63rd St Suite E1K
New York, NY 10065